Since its creation in 2003 by a small group of Shakespeare enthusiasts, the Boston University Shakespeare Society has worked tirelessly to bring the good word of the Bard to the community. The Society is certainly not your average theater group, being composed of actors, directors, and generally people who love the works of Shakespeare.


We perform 2-4 shows per academic year. Some examples of shows and projects we have done are:

Scene Festival/One Acts — composed of several scenes directed by and starring BU undergrads

Mainstage Production — full length play either written by Shakespeare or related to it

Collaborations — projects and plays done with other groups or theater companies

We also organize group events, such as trips to local plays and Renaissance festivals, set up movie viewings of Shakespeare adaptations, and we always try to bring Shakespeare’s words to the general public.


We are always looking for new members–auditions are held at the beginning of every semester and we have many other events for those who don’t wish to perform. While approaching the BU theater community can sometimes be a daunting and difficult task, the Society prides itself on its great community of members. We make up nearly every school and class at BU, both undergrads and grad students, creating a diverse and extremely fun-loving group of people.



Production(s) of Shakespeare plays each semester

Monthly readings of Shakespeare plays

Viewings of Shakespeare film adaptations


There are several ways to keep up with what we're up to:

  1. Join the Facebook group or follow us on Twitter! Click on the icons in the top-right corner to go to our page!

  2. Join the email list! These are less frequent, but contain lots of info. There are two ways to do this:

    1. Simply click on the Contact button and send us an email telling us your life story and that you'd like to be added to the list

    2. [faster option] Click on the "Contact" tab above and at the bottom you'll find our email list signup form. You'll automatically be added to our email list!

  3. Check the News tab. Any new info will be posted to our blog there.

  4. Check our calendar or homepage. Our calendar is updated automatically and includes all our events, as well as many Shakespeare events happening around Boston that we know about. Our homepage is updated with our productions for the semester, and are updated with new info when they become available.



buss -- n : the act of caressing with the lips  v : touch with the lips or press the lips as an expression of love, greeting, etc.; [syn: kiss, osculate]

Kiara Lauritzen


Miranda Primm

Vice President

Giuliana Carder


Paul St. Cyr


Aidan Kaminer

Tech Director


From left to right: Natalie Gonzalez, Giuliana Carder, Nic Rowe, Reed Romanko (Retired), Miranda Primm, Kiara Lauritzen. NOT PICTURED: Paul St. Cyr, who bested Reed in armed combat.

Nic Rowe

Production Assistant

BUSS Constitution